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Dr. Jacqueline Langley is a doctoral level psychologist, and child, adolescent and adult psychoanalyst who has been practicing in St. Louis for over 35 years. Dr. Langley provides a confidential, compassionate, and warm atmosphere in her private and conveniently located Ladue office for those seeking help for themselves and/or their children for issues regarding depression, anxiety, attention deficit disorder, transgender issues and transitioning, parent therapy, issues with intimacy, trauma of all kinds, anger management, affect dis-regulation, couples therapy, gender issues, school related challenges and more. Dr. Langley helps her patients of all ages thoroughly understand themselves from the inside out by connecting their feelings to their thoughts and actions. Finding ones own language for ones internal experience has a powerful calming and healing effect allowing a person to then discover their thoughts, new ideas and then ultimately their direction in their life, according to Dr. Langley. Dr. Langley's years of postgraduate training and experience provide the knowledge to help others know themselves on all levels while finding their own voice and language. Dr. Langley's consulting room contains a soothing adult area as well as a play room for children who express themselves through action while finding their own words. Dr. Langley's fees are reasonable and she is covered by most medical insurance companies.

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